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It’s only the beginning of October, but the Christmas decorations are already making their grand appearance in many stores. If you’re like many others, you might be thinking ahead and planning your holiday family trip, or perhaps you’re even already buying gifts. Another thing you should consider before the holidays are over is using your dental insurance. Most plans don’t roll over, so you should take advantage of what you’ve already paid for!

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What Does My Dental Insurance Cover?

We hear this question a lot in our office. Although the answer varies from plan to plan and person to person, we are always here to help maximize your dental insurance benefits. That said, most plans cover preventive care at 100 percent.

Preventive Dental Care

Preventive dental care includes:

  • Dental exams: Dr. Argeros, Dr. Plourde, or Dr. Epstein and your hygienist will thoroughly check your mouth at your twice-annual exams. We do this to ensure no problems have popped up since your last exam, but if they do, we can address them while treatment is less invasive and less expensive. We’ll look for any signs of tooth decay, gum disease, oral cancer, unusual tooth wear, and any other abnormalities. It’s also a convenient time for you to bring up any problems you’ve had, like bad breath or tooth sensitivity.
  • Dental cleanings: Most plans cover two cleanings per year in full. With your skilled dental hygienist at Contemporary Dentistry & Implantology, you can be sure we won’t miss a thing. We’ll get all the tartar buildup removed from your teeth so they look clean and shine. That buildup leads to cavities and gum disease, so that’s why we (and your insurance!) recommend coming in twice a year.
  • X-rays: Digital X-rays are faster and clearer than the old film X-rays. That’s why we use them in our office. Many plans cover at least one set a year, and we usually take them at your exam appointment. They help us look for the things mentioned above, but they also help us plan any procedures you need with precision.

Many plans also cover a large percentage or all of treatments like fluoride. This takes us hardly any time to apply to your teeth and can provide protection against decay for months. Check your plan details, and ask about it at your next appointment.

Dental Restorations

Another treatment that many insurance plans cover a significant portion of include restorations. At our Peabody, MA office, these include:

  • Discreet tooth-colored fillings
  • Inlays and onlays (porcelain fillings that cover more of your tooth)
  • Beautiful porcelain crowns
  • Dental veneers (for repair vs. cosmetic purposes)

Tooth Replacement Options

Insurances vary widely on what they’ll cover and what you’ll pay out of pocket for tooth replacement. If one of our dentists has recommended replacing a tooth, we can help you understand what your plan will cover.

We offer many options that are sure to fit your goals and budget:


  • Fixed bridges
  • Partial conventional dentures
  • Full conventional dentures


  • Dental implants with crowns, bridges, or dentures (placement sometimes not covered but restoration often covered in part)

Other Smile-Saving Procedures

A lot of dental plans will pay a portion of needed root canal therapy and tooth extraction. Thankfully, we offer both right here in our office.

  • Root canals: Our in-house endodontist, Dr. Stephen Sozanski, can expertly handle your root canal procedure right here in our office. One of our other dentists can create the custom crown that will restore the tooth’s strength and appearance. Depending on your insurance and our schedule, you might choose to split up the root canal treatment and the restoration into two appointments – one this year, and one next year after your insurance renews.
  • Tooth extractions: Our dentists have extensive experience with extractions. You can even maximize your insurance by having a skilled general dentist rather than an oral surgeon perform your extraction. Our precision is unsurpassed with our 3D imaging system, which even many oral surgeons don’t have in their offices.

Don’t Wait Any Longer – Schedule Today

Even if what you need or want for your smile isn’t in this list, ask us about it anyway. If your insurance doesn’t cover any of it, CareCredit or Wells Fargo financing plans can make your payments manageable – and your smile dreams come true.

Time is passing quickly. Before you know it, you’ll be sitting down with your family at Thanksgiving or opening presents over the holidays. Reserve your appointment now by calling our Peabody, MA dentist office: 978-278-1760. You can also request a visit online.

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