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At Contemporary Dentistry and Implantology, we are dedicated to helping you get the high-quality, comfortable dentistry you need to look and feel great. We offer a variety of excellent cosmetic and restorative dentistry solutions that can help you achieve the results you want. Let’s talk about the type of services we provide, how we can help you feel comfortable, and why you should visit our practice for all of your dental care needs.

We offer a wide range of cosmetic and restorative options that are designed to help you get the results you need to look and feel your best. These services include everything from teeth whitening and dental bonding to veneers, crowns, bridges, and other cosmetic restorative services. We also offer comprehensive dental implant services. Regardless of your dental needs, our team can help you find a solution. Contact our office to determine which of these cosmetic or restorative options may be for you.

We also focus on patient comfort. In addition to providing a safe, welcoming environment for our patients, we also offer intravenous sedation. IV sedation allows our patients to sleep throughout long or complicated procedures. When you wake, you will not remember much of the procedure, if anything. This allows you to completely relax and experience a stress-free treatment situation. You will feel no pain or discomfort associated with the treatment, and you will not remember any of the possibly unpleasant sights or smells. We understand dental anxiety and work to make our patients feel at home. Ask if our IV sedation option is right for your specific situation.

Why else might you want to choose Contemporary Dentistry and Implantology? Our patients think we are a great choice because of our highly trained, experienced, dedicated staff. Each of our team members have been with our practice for no less than nine years. Some of them have been with us for more than 30! Our staff members are some of the most qualified, dedicated individuals around. Visit our Meet the Team page to learn more about our wonderful staff.

We also have highly qualified doctors. Drs. Argeros and Plourde have more than 60 years of combined experience practicing dentistry! Dental implants is a big part of what they do — Dr. Argeros is a local implant expert and loves placing the implants for his patients. Dr. Plourde enjoys creating restorations for dental implants. Together, they serve many, many patients every year with a variety of situations and dental problems.

To schedule your appointment, please call our office at 978-705-6051 or send us a message using our online form. We will be happy to help you!

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