Fix Incomplete Smiles With Dental Implants

It’s not hard to feel embarrassed about missing teeth. Call us today at 978-705-6051 and schedule an appointment for dental implants. By replacing lost teeth with dental implants, you can finally have the complete smile like you should. Dr. Argeros holds a Fellowship in the American Academy of Implant Dentistry and a Mastership from the International Congress of Oral Implantology. Both provide a ...

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5 Smile Flaws Dental Veneers Can Hide

Dr. Argeros and our team of dentists at Contemporary Dentistry and Implantology in Peabody, MA offer beautiful dental implants to replace the teeth you’re missing. But what if you want to perfect the teeth you have? We can fit you with natural, healthy-looking dental veneers that can conceal your every dental imperfection. Don’t you want a flawless smile? Call us today at 978-705-6051 to schedule ...

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Root Canal Controversy

Just the thought of a root canal can be intimidating to some people. Here at Contemporary Dentistry and Implantology, we understand that. But what if we told you that some of the things that you know about root canals just are not true? Root canals have MANY myths surrounding them … myths that sound scary and can convince people out of seeking the help they need. In today’s blog, we will be ...

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You Can Chew Comfortably Again

At Contemporary Dentistry and Implantology, we see a lot of people with missing teeth. There are a number of reasons why people might be missing one or more teeth. Accidents happen, and a tooth can be broken beyond repair or even knocked out. Decay can require that a tooth be pulled. Living with missing teeth isn’t your best option. There’s a tendency for people to chew on the side ...

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Gum Disease Facts & Statistics [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here at Contemporary Dentistry and Implantology, we care about the health of your smile. And that means helping you fight off gum disease! Today’s infographic is to help you more information … the more info you have, the better chance you have of protecting yourself. If you have any questions, call our Peabody, MA office at 978-705-6051. ...

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5 Reasons Our Patients Love Dental Implants

Welcome back to another blog from your friends at Contemporary Dentistry and Implantology! Because August in Dental Implant month, we would like to remind you about a few of implant solutions and why our patients love them. Our Peabody, MA dental team would be happy to help you achieve a functional, beautiful smile with dental implants, too. Check out the five reasons below why you should ...

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Enjoy A Bright, Shining Smile [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here at Contemporary Dentistry and Implantology, located in Peabody, MA, we love to help patients achieve bright, beautiful smiles that they can be proud of. One of the ways we do this is by offer professional teeth whitening services. Our take-home whitening treatments work faster than over-the-counter options. Give us a call at 978-705-6051 to get started with professional teeth whitening ...

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IV Sedation 101: Answering All Your Questions

Welcome back to another blog from your friends at Contemporary Dentistry and Implantology in Peabody, MA! If you suffer from dental fear or anxiety, you are not alone. Our team can help you get the care you need despite these concerns. If you are worried that you will feel stressed or discomfort during the procedure, fear not! We have a solution for you. IV sedation is method of sedation we ...

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Mini Vs. Traditional Implant Options [INFOGRAPHIC]

Welcome back to another blog by Contemporary Dentistry and Implantology! Here in our Peabody, MA dental office, we offer top-quality dental implant solutions for those in need. But which of our options is best for you? Below we have an infographic highlighting some of the differences and similarities in these products. To schedule a consultation, please call 978-705-6051.   ...

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Welcome to Our Peabody, MA Dental Practice!

At Contemporary Dentistry and Implantology, we are dedicated to helping you get the high-quality, comfortable dentistry you need to look and feel great. We offer a variety of excellent cosmetic and restorative dentistry solutions that can help you achieve the results you want. Let’s talk about the type of services we provide, how we can help you feel comfortable, and why you should visit our ...

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Prepare For Summer With Cosmetic Dental Work [BLOG]

Summer is one of the busiest times of year for events and functions, whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, a retiree, or a working professional. Weddings, reunions, birthdays, retirement parties, vacations, barbecues – the ...

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Celebrate Mother’s Day With Facial Rejuvenation [INFOGRAPHIC]

Mothers love to get a special home-cooked meal, lunch at their favorite restaurant, flowers, jewelry, or even a homemade card for Mother’s Day. They hold those memories fondly, whether from a spouse or a child. If you’re a ...

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