Losing Your Teeth Should Not Mean Losing Your Smile

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Some of the best moments at our dentist office in Peabody, MA, are when our patients see their new smiles for the first time.

It gives us a good feeling to see our patients feel more confident. We know that losing teeth affects people a lot of ways.

We’ve treated patients who were embarrassed about losing a tooth. We’ve helped patients who were ashamed about losing an entire arch of teeth.

At Contemporary Dentistry and Implantology, we can restore your smile no matter how many teeth you are missing. But more than that, we know that >teeth replacements can help restore your quality of life.

If you or someone you love is missing teeth, call us at 978-705-6051 or contact us online. Find out what we can do for you and your smile.

Replacing A Single Tooth

Typically, you have two options for replacing a single missing tooth.

One option is a dental bridge. This is created by bonding three dental crowns together. To place a traditional bride, however, you first need to grind down the two nearest teeth.

Those teeth are reformed to serve as abutments. This provides the support for the dental bridge. These can look natural and help restore your ability to eat.

But as we pointed out, you need to alter two otherwise healthy teeth in this process.

Another option (some would say a better option) is a dental implant and dental crown combination.

Modern dental implants are effective replacements for the roots of missing teeth. When a single implant is placed in your jaw, it bonds to your jawbone. This gives it added security and stability.

When a dental crown is added to the implant, it fills the gap in your smile. It looks like a natural tooth, and it can restore practically the full function of your lost tooth.

Replacing Multiple Teeth

Your options for this are similar to what we mentioned above.

You can get a traditional dental bridge by bonding together a series of dental crowns. The problem you run into with this is that the abutment teeth are bearing more weight as the dental bridge gets bigger.

You can also get a dental implant-supported dental bridge. By placing a couple implants in your jaw, we create a solid foundation to hold your dental bridge in place.

And again, by creating a direct connection between your bridge and your jawbone, you can restore nearly all of your biting and chewing power. This makes eating easier and more comfortable.

Replacing A Row Of Teeth

For a long time, dentures were the only real option that most people had.

You can still get dentures if that is what you prefer. Modern dentures are made from better materials. They look natural, so your smile looks great, and they can restore some of your chewing ability.

You won’t be able to eat everything you want when you have dentures, but you will get more used to them with time.

If you would like to restore nearly all of your biting power, you can include dental implants in your teeth replacements. You have your choice of implant-supported or implant-retained dentures.

With both, a series of dental implants will be placed in strategic places in your jaw. Together, your implants create a secure foundation for your dentures.

With one option, the dentures are held in places by ball attachments on the abutment end of your implants. With the other option, your dentures are held in place by a bar that connects to the implants.

In both cases, your smile will look natural, and you can regain nearly all of your biting and chewing power. And since your dentures are held in place by implants, you can feel confident that they will stay in place no matter what you are eating.

Another option for implant-secured dentures is the All-on-X® system. X represents the number of implants you receive. This involves a precise placement technique to ensure you receive the maximum support from each implant. As a result, it’s possible to secure a set of dentures with as few as four dental implants.

The All-on-X procedure differs from other implant options in another important way. With standard implants placements, you first need to heal before your dentures are placed. This can take months in some cases.

With All-on-X, we can place temporary dentures on the same day you get your implants. When you have fully recovered, we will replace them with your permanent dentures.

How Can We Help You?

At Contemporary Dentistry and Implantology, our goal is to help every patient who comes to our office in Peabody, MA. To schedule a consultation, fill out our online formor call 978-705-6051.

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