How To Safely Whiten Your Teeth

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Do you want whiter teeth but worry if those store-bought whitening kits are worth it? To be blunt, they rarely are. Call us today at 978-705-6051 and make an appointment for professional teeth whitening from Contemporary Dentistry & Implantology. Our team of dentists are highly trained to use professional-strength teeth whitening safely and effectively. With our help, your smile can look bright and healthy.

How A Healthy-Looking Smile Helps You

Are whiter teeth that important? Yes! Getting professional teeth whitening can help you feel better about yourself. That can lead to more practical benefits as well, such as:

  • Boosting your self-esteem
  • Looking years younger
  • Feeling more confident with meeting new people
  • Getting positive attention

That’s why you need to call our Peabody, MA dental office today. Teeth whitening does a lot more than just make your smile look great. It can make you feel great about yourself. Everyone deserves that feeling.

Don’t Bother With Store-Bought Teeth Whitening

If you head into a drugstore or supermarket these days, you can find plenty of teeth whitening products. However, you often get what you pay for. Here are some problems you often face when using store-bought teeth whitening.

It’s made weak on purpose.

The whitening agent inside all teeth whitening products is normally only available with a prescription. To get around that, store-bought brands dilute the whitening until it’s legally available over the counter. Sure, you can buy it more cheaply this way. But with the whitening weaker, you usually have to use it repeatedly to get your teeth truly white.

You can hurt your gums and teeth.

Because you’ll probably have to use these store-bought kits repeatedly, you run the risk of damaging your gums or teeth. The whitening agent is not made for your gums. If some gets on there, you could irritate or even hurt your gums. Even though whitening is made for teeth, repeated use runs the risk of making your teeth sensitive to temperature.

You can get uneven results if you don’t follow instructions.

These store-bought kits usually come with instructions on a hard-to-read piece of paper or even on the side of the box. If you don’t follow those instructions to the letter, you could wind up with some teeth whiter than others. Instead of a healthy-looking smile, you can have one that looks odd.

Professional Teeth Whitening Is Simply Better

At our Peabody, MA dental office, you can get professional teeth whitening with our take-home trays. These are similar to mouthguards, but they contain a strong whitening gel. You wear the trays over your teeth for 15 – 45 minutes each day for several days. Here’s why this ends up being much better for you.

You get prescription-strength teeth whitening.

Our dentists are trained in cosmetic dentistry, so they have access to a strong whitening agent that only dentists can get. Even though you’ll be using our trays at home, they will contain a prescription-strength whitening agent. That means your smile will look amazing in much less time.

Your whitening trays are custom-fitted to your teeth.

Our dentists will take careful measurements of your teeth, then create teeth whitening trays that will fit your teeth in particular. This ends up giving you a better fit to help protect your gums and keep the whitening agent where it belongs: on your teeth. Plus, you can reuse these custom trays in the future to maintain your dazzlingly white smile.

You get the results you want.

By having professional-strength teeth whitening trays that you take home, you are in control. You have to use them each day for a few days in a row, but you decide when that’s a good time. You can also stop using the trays if you have the right shade of white for you.

Call us TODAY at 978-705-6051 and schedule your next appointment for professional teeth whitening. Our dentists have advanced training in cosmetic dentistry and years of experience using teeth whitening. They know how to use take-home trays so you can get that bright smile safely and effectively.

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