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Are you missing some or all of your natural teeth? We may have the solution for you. Below you will find some of the tooth replacement options we offer. If you have any questions or concerns about these dental options, please feel free to contact Dr. John Argeros of Contemporary Dentistry and Implantology Peabody, MA dental office.

Traditional Single Dental Implant

Traditional single dental implant is a common form of tooth replacement when only a single tooth is missing. We carefully place the dental implant into the gum and allow it to fuse to your jawbone throughout the healing process. This creates a strong, permanent bond between the prosthetic and your body. Once the healing is complete, we load the implant with a beautiful, lifelike crown that is designed to blend right in with your natural teeth. This new implant will replace almost 100 percent of your natural chewing power! Get back to your old life with this reliable tooth replacement option.

Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants are smaller in diameter than traditional implants. This means they are easier to place and considered a less invasive form of implant. They can be used in a variety of situations and are great for patients who have experienced significant bone loss. If you are interested in mini dental implants, check out our service page.

All-on-X® Dental Implants

All-on-X® Dental Implants, also known as Same Day Teeth®, is a procedure designed to replace a full arch of teeth using four or six dental implants as anchors. For these procedures, we strategically place the implants to lend the most support possible. If you are looking for the least invasive way to place an entire arch of teeth, this may be the option for you.

Implant-Secured and Implant-Retained Dentures

We also offer a special type of denture that is secured into the mouth using dental implants. This works one of two ways: by dental implants and ball attachments, or dental implants and a bar attachment mechanism. Either way, we can offer you a full-arch or full-mouth replacement with the stability offered by dental implants.

Removable Dentures

We offer beautiful lifelike removable dentures for patients wanting a replacement option that is a little less invasive. These are specially crafted to fit snugly in your mouth and can be used to replace both full and partial arches of teeth. You can learn more about all kinds of dentures by contacting Dr. John Argeros

Fixed and Implant-Supported Dental Bridges

Fixed dental bridges are designed to noninvasively replace just one or a few missing teeth. We bond crowns together and cement them onto the surrounding teeth. We also offer implant-supported bridges, which are a little more invasive to place but offer greater strength and reliability. They also do not damage the surrounding teeth. Visit or call our Peabody, MA dental office to learn more about dental bridges.

Dr. John Argeros holds a Mastership at International Congress of Oral Implantology, he is also a member of American Academy of Implant Dentistry and Academy of Osseointegration, his education and the organizations he is involved with made him a professional in dentistry and dental implants.

If you are ready to schedule an appointment, please call our Peabody, MA dental office at 978-278-1760 or send us a message using our online form. Dr. John Argeros will be happy to help you!


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