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You know how you have to get a dental checkup and cleaning twice each year. But if you have dental anxiety, those appointments are hard to keep. There’s often some very valid reasons, but the end result is the same: Your teeth and gums suffer without regular care, even if you are perfect with brushing and flossing at home.

Call our Peabody, MA dental office today at 978-705-6051 to schedule a new appointment. Between our incredible team and sedation dentistry, you can defeat your phobia and get the care you need. But do you know the causes of dental anxiety?

Learn The Causes

Whether you call it anxiety or phobia, everyone has their own reasons. However, there are a few common causes that you should be aware of. Sometimes, it helps knowing where those feelings are coming from.

  1. You’ve waited too long since your last checkup: You know how time passes. You miss one appointment, and then you forget about it. Next thing you know, it’s been years since you last had your teeth cleaned. That’s embarrassing, which can make you worried about visiting us even though we will always be welcoming.
  2. Typically, you are the one doing all the work: When you visit the dentist, you have to sit back in the chair and let us do all the work. For people who are used to being active all day long, it can feel weird to be the one not working for a change. This goes for a business leader and parent alike.
  3. You had some bad experiences when younger: Strangers are always a bit scary to children. So when you were younger and went to the dentist’s office, there’s a good chance you didn’t feel comfortable for at least a little while. Add in some weird noises from the technology there, and you could have bad memories even if everything went smoothly. And although this was many years ago, it can still give you some anxiety today.
  4. A friend talked about a problem they had at a different office: Sometimes, the memories causing problems aren’t even yours. Stories are powerful and can make us experience many emotions. If you have great experiences but listened to a friend discussing their problem visit, that can linger in your mind and generate some concerns over your visit. The same is true for TV shows, books, or anytime they talk about dentistry.

Treating Your Dental Anxiety

There are two ways you can beat dental phobia: The right office and sedation dentistry.

At Contemporary Dentistry & Implantology, our entire team is warm, friendly, and non-judgmental. From the moment you walk into our office, you are treated like an old friend. Even better, our dentists are highly trained and have years of experience helping people. From basic exams to treatments like root canals or dental implants, you can rest more easily knowing the people working on your teeth and gums truly know what they’re doing.

Sometimes, you need something stronger to get past dental anxiety. Thankfully, our dentists are trained to use intravenous (IV) sedation. This is a strong but gentle sedative that keeps you in a sleep-like state. This way, you can get the dental treatments you deserve but not experience them.

Call us today at 978-705-6051 or contact us through our online form to make your next appointment.

No matter which causes of dental anxiety fit you best, you can get past the worries and keep your smile healthy for many years to come.

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