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If you are an adult living with the aftermath of tooth loss at any level, it’s time to stop passing up the foods you’d rather be enjoying at summer picnics (like a juicy steak off the grill or some corn on the cob). It is time to call 978-705-6051 and explore your options for tooth replacement in Peabody, MA. Our dentists have a wealth of experience in providing restorative dentistry solutions. Until we see you in person, take a look at the three options below that can effectively fill in your smile.

Dental Bridges

Fixed bridges are a long-trusted tooth replacement plan. They can replace one tooth or a few missing teeth in a row. They’re comprised of several joined dental crowns, and we cement them firmly to your natural teeth so they won’t go anywhere.

One nice thing about our bridges is that they can last a decade or longer in many cases because we use only high-quality materials. For some patients it is best to attach such a bridge to dental implants. Regardless, with a bridge it will be possible to eat like normal again this summer and beyond.

Modern Dentures

If you’re missing multiple teeth and have been told you need dentures, you might not be thrilled about that prospect. Fortunately, dentures from our office aren’t like the old dentures you might have witnessed flying out of your granny’s mouth. We use more modern, sophisticated technology and techniques to make sure your dentures fit quite well and look rather lifelike.

Around here, you can opt for full removable dentures or partials if you’re missing several but not all of your teeth. A lot of our patients go for implant-secured dentures instead.

You see, we can actually attach a lower denture for you with as little as two implants. In some instances, we can adjust your current denture to attach to implants, usually with ball attachments that snap onto the denture.

Either way, you win. Our traditional dentures and implant dentures will each give you more meal options than you had without all of your teeth, or with slippery old-style replacements.

Dental Implants

If we’re being honest, we have to tell you that dental implants are widely considered to be the best thing going when it comes to tooth replacement.

Implants are small posts that we place under your gums, right into your jawbone. When the bone grows around the implant, it secures it and makes it the ideal foundation for replacement teeth, whether single crowns, bridges, or dentures.

We can replace one tooth or even all the teeth in your mouth, sometimes giving you implants and attaching the replacement teeth in one visit. You could go from toothless to a full smile in as little as one appointment!

Dental implants usually last a lifetime, especially when they are placed properly and cared for properly. We make that easier for you with 3D imaging that lets us see the most precise details of your mouth. We also use digital planning guides that ensure smooth placement. With all the health benefits that go along with dental implants, you’ll likely live longer, too!

Call Now To Enjoy Corn On The Cob Again

Are you in need of replacement teeth? Did you like what you just heard about the possibilities? Get ready to improve your smile with superior tooth replacement options and enjoy eating again. Call Dr. Argeros and his team at 978-705-6051 to get started, or contact Contemporary Dentistry & Implantology online.  

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