Let Us Treat Your Gum Recession The Easy Way

When the gum tissue that surrounds your teeth wears away or pulls back, it’s called gum recession. When gum recession occurs, the root of your tooth becomes exposed. More of the tooth is exposed to decay and other problems. It can affect the area below your gumline. At Contemporary Dentistry & Implantology in Peabody, MA, we can keep your gums healthy with regular, routine dental exams. ...

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Easing Dental Anxiety

Most of the time if you have a fear of something, you just avoid it. Don’t like heights? Stay away from ladders and tall buildings. Afraid of the dark? Turn that light on! Dental phobias are a different matter. It’s a pretty common condition, fear of the dentist. But if you want to keep your smile beautiful and healthy, you shouldn’t avoid going to the dentist. The staff at ...

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Veneers Can Give You the Smile You Want

Same-Day Smile | Contemporary Dentistry and Implantology | Peabody, MAYou’ve taken good care of your teeth. You brush after meals and you floss faithfully. But your teeth have some imperfections–they’re discolored or chipped–and that makes you less than satisfied with your smile. If that describes you, then dental veneers may be the answer you’re looking for. What Veneers Can ...

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Dental Implants: The Next Best Thing to Your Natural Teeth

Why are dental implants the closest thing you’ll find to your natural teeth? They’re strong and stable. An implanted tooth functions like a natural tooth and doesn’t lead to bone deterioration like other options can. They look more natural. We’ve all seen people with dentures that look just like what they are. Implanted teeth look and feel like your natural teeth. They are ...

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Mini Dental Implants May Be The Answer

Have you been told by a dentist that you don’t have enough bone for traditional dental implants? Mini dental implants may be the solution for you. About Dental Implants Dental implants consist of two parts. The implant itself is basically a replacement tooth root. Implants are generally made of titanium and are extremely strong. The implant is inserted through the gum and into the ...

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Smile Again With Today’s Modern Dentures

If you’re one of the estimated 25 million or more Americans who are living without teeth, there’s good news. Today’s advanced dentures can give you back a beautiful smile and greater comfort with eating than you might have imagined. Forget What You May Have Heard Several decades ago, dentures were viewed as a “last resort” by many people. The conventional “wisdom” said that ...

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Love Your Smile Again!

Beautiful smiles seem to be everywhere these days – on TV, in films, in advertisements, and even in everyday life. Having a less than perfect smile today is actually a handicap in both your work and personal lives. And being embarrassed to smile or to laugh loudly takes a toll on your self-esteem. Fortunately, you don’t have to live with a less than perfect smile any longer. The doctors at ...

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Could Your Jaw Be Causing Those Problems?

If you’re bothered by persistent, unexplained pains from the shoulders up, you should look to your jaw. As unlikely as it may sound, problems with headaches, shoulder pain, ear pain, neck pain, and many more can be caused by problems with your lower jaw. More specifically, where your lower jaw joins your head. The temporomandibular joints (TMJ), located just in front of your ears, are ...

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What Our Patients Are Saying About Dental Implants {VIDEO}

Finances and function. These are two of the biggest things that worry our patients. Being a dental implant clinic, we treat a ton of patients looking to resolve their issues with missing teeth. Some patients come to us with failing teeth, while others have suffered with removable dentures for years. Whatever your problem, we can help. We are experts in replacing missing teeth. Our dental ...

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How To Safely Whiten Your Teeth

Do you want whiter teeth but worry if those store-bought whitening kits are worth it? To be blunt, they rarely are. Call us today at 978-705-6051 and make an appointment for professional teeth whitening from Contemporary Dentistry & Implantology. Our team of dentists are highly trained to use professional-strength teeth whitening safely and effectively. With our help, your smile can look bright and ...

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Prepare For Summer With Cosmetic Dental Work [BLOG]

Summer is one of the busiest times of year for events and functions, whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, a retiree, or a working professional. Weddings, reunions, birthdays, retirement parties, vacations, barbecues – the ...

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Celebrate Mother’s Day With Facial Rejuvenation [INFOGRAPHIC]

Mothers love to get a special home-cooked meal, lunch at their favorite restaurant, flowers, jewelry, or even a homemade card for Mother’s Day. They hold those memories fondly, whether from a spouse or a child. If you’re a ...

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