Make Your Smile Your Summer Project

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Summer won’t be officially over for several weeks, so you still might have summer plans in the works. Perhaps you’re still gearing up for a summer vacation, a camping trip, or another BBQ or two before the summer is out. You may still have that big summer project looming – cleaning out the garage or finishing remodeling a room.

Whatever your summer plans, don’t forget your smile! It’s not too late to get a brand-new smile with our cosmetic dentistry solutions. You could even have a celebrity-worthy smile before summer’s over!

Let Contemporary Dentistry & Implantology remake your smile. Call our Peabody, MA dentist office now at 978-278-1760 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Argeros or one of our other highly skilled dentists.

Dental Veneers Conceal Nearly Every Smile Flaw

Dental veneers are like a mini smile makeover in themselves. We can create a single custom veneer to take care of that one chipped tooth or cracked tooth you’ve been meaning to fix. Or we can make a set of veneers to your specifications that will cover all your teeth. You can make your teeth whiter, straighter looking, and more even in general.

Aside from their versatility, veneers are a favorite cosmetic dental treatment of our patients because they can be finished in just two or three visits. We’ll take precise measurements, discuss your concerns and desires in detail, and have a high-quality lab create them for you. Then we’ll place them over your teeth. You’ll leave our office with a smile that will turn heads.

Get the process started now by requesting your appointment today.

Fix Imperfections in One Visit with Cosmetic Bonding

Though it doesn’t last as long, cosmetic bonding (or dental bonding) can conceal many of the same flaws as veneers. Dr. Argeros or one of our other cosmetic dentists will color-match the material to your teeth. He will then sculpt it onto your offending tooth to cover the problem area. Then he’ll cure it and shine it to perfection.

Dental bonding can take just minutes or one short trip to our Peabody office. You could potentially fix all your flaws at your next appointment!

Teeth Whitening Brightens at Your Convenience

If your main problem is dingy, stained teeth, consider professional teeth whitening. It’s also great for brightening your smile before receiving other more permanent treatments, such as veneers.

We’ll create custom mouthguards for your teeth to hold the whitening gel.

Why not just get whitening treatments from the store, though? Here’s why our patients have enjoyed ours:

  • Your teeth could be several shades brighter in just days.
  • Our whitening solution is much more concentrated than store-bought brands. The ADA even gives its Seal of Acceptance to these type of professional bleaching treatments because of how effective they are.
  • Our treatments use custom trays made specifically for your mouth. They’ll cover your teeth precisely. That means they’ll whiten more effectively without getting whitening all over your gums.
  • Because of the precise fit and dentist-approved gel, you may experience less sensitivity than OTC teeth whitening.
  • The trays can be reused for touchups in the future.

Get a Lunchtime Gum Lift

People often consider treatments to teeth when they think of cosmetic dentistry. But we can also improve your gums. We offer laser treatment for quick gum reshaping. We also offer a technique to correct gum recession, which few other dentists are qualified to perform. The Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique allows us to repair the appearance of receding gums in one quick visit. It requires no stitches or sutures.

Eliminate Wrinkles & Fine Lines

Yes, you read that correctly. Our dentists have been trained to offer FDA-approved injections and dermal fillers to go along with your new and improved teeth.

Schedule your cosmetic dentistry consultation with an experienced Peabody, MA dentist now. You could see your smile improve fast! Call 978-278-1760 or fill out our online form. We even do smile makeovers to fix all your cosmetic problems! Digital previews come with all smile makeovers.

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