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When you are missing even one tooth, you need to get a replacement. Gaps in your smile not only look worse, they can make it harder to chew and talk clearly. So when you are missing many teeth for any reason, you need many replacements. Otherwise, things are going to just get worse.

By calling Contemporary Dentistry & Implantology at 978-705-6051, you can schedule an appointment to see if dentures are for you. Thankfully, these are not what your grandparents dentures! Instead of using an adhesive to stick them to your gums, our dentists can secure your dentures with implants so they stay where they belong.

Know Why Dentures Can Move

When it comes to full dentures (a full arch of replacement teeth designed for the top or bottom of your mouth), they stay in place thanks to two mechanisms.

First, the shape of the gum-colored base holds on to your gums. This works at first, but sometimes your gums or full dentures will change just enough over the years so it does not stay put. You might feel them slide a bit when chewing, especially tough foods that are healthy for you like raw vegetables and fruit.

The other method is using a non-toxic adhesive that sticks the base to your gums. This can work in tandem with the base’s shape to keep the dentures in place. However, adhesives can give way, leading to dentures moving around too much.

Both can make you worried that your teeth will fall out, something that would be very embarrassing right in the middle of dinner or a conversation. That’s why so many people are using dental implants to hold dentures securely but comfortably.

Types of Dentures

Although traditional dentures work, there are better, more modern alternatives available at our Peabody, MA dental office. These include:

  • Implant-retained: Here, your dentures connect to implants using tiny ball attachments so they snap into place. These can be removed at home, so you can take them out at night and give them a good cleaning.
  • Implant-supported: Similar to implant-retained, but these connect solidly to a tiny but sturdy bar. These tend to be more secure, but they can only be removed by a trained dentist with the right tools.
  • Same Day Teeth®: A very modern treatment, Same Day Teeth® connect dentures to four implants. Normally, it takes a while for the implants to heal before you can get dentures connected to them. But with this restorative treatment, you can often get implants and dentures in the same day.  

All of these options are great when you’ve lost a lot of your teeth. In addition, they do a great job at letting you look, talk, and chew normally again.

Don’t continue to suffer because you are worried dentures would slide around or fit poorly. Call us today at 978-705-6051 or use our convenient online form to make your next appointment. Holding your dentures with implants will give you the strong, capable teeth you need.

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