Goodbye, Anxiety. Hello, Gorgeous New Smile.

Goodbye, Anxiety. Hello, Gorgeous New Smile. - Contemporary Dentistry & Implantology | Peabody, MA

Do you have a difficult time sleeping the night before a dental visit? Do you find that you become more and more nervous as you sit in the waiting room before your appointment? Do you become emotional or ill at just the thought of visiting the dentist? Maybe you have trouble picking up the phone to even make an appointment in the first place.

If any of the above descriptions apply to you, you may suffer from dental anxiety. You are not alone. It’s estimated that between 9% and 20% of Americans avoid seeing the dentist out of fear.

That’s a big problem. And, over time, it only serves to feed and justify the negative feelings you associate with the dental office. Because when you put off going to see the dentist or ignore tooth or mouth pain, your dental issues will only become worse. And that means when you finally do go, you will have to endure more discomfort and more invasive treatments.

At Contemporary Dentistry & Implantology, we understand that dental anxiety is very real, and potentially destructive to your dental health. We do everything we can to understand your anxiety, and make your visit completely comfortable and stress-free.

If you live in or around Peabody, MA, call our office at 978-705-6051 to make an appointment.

Dental Anxiety Keeps You from the Care You Need

Maybe you have a fear of pain in general. Maybe you loathe injections. Perhaps you’ve had a bad experience in the past. Whatever the source of your dental anxiety, it’s doing you no favors. It’s essential to come see us at Contemporary Dentistry & Implantology for your twice-yearly examinations and cleanings, as well as at the first sign of a problem. Because in general, dental problems will not go away. They become worse and more difficult to treat.

Take gum disease as an example. If caught in its earliest stages (gingivitis), it is almost always reversible with routine in-office cleanings combined with excellent brushing and flossing habits at home. But left untreated, you may require more invasive treatments such as scaling and root planing. You may even lose teeth and require dental implants or dentures. So it’s in your best interest to see us regularly so we can keep on top of your oral health and fix problems while it’s still easy to do so.

We Alleviate Your Anxiety

So you’ve taken that first step and scheduled the appointment you know you need. That’s great! But do you feel your stress level rising as you anticipate sitting in the dentist’s chair? Let us assure you that your visit with Contemporary Dentistry & Implantology will not only be bearable, but even pleasant!

Our goal goes beyond giving patients the most top-notch clinical care (although that is important, too, of course!). We make a real effort to provide a comfortable, calm, and reassuring experience — especially for those people who are a little more nervous or who suffer from full-blown dental anxiety.

If you take a look at the bios of our staff members, one thing you may notice is that most of our team members have been with us 10+ years and many have been with the practice for decades! That is because they are just so good. Our people are highly skilled, experienced, and professional, and they have a compassionate touch that will take the edge of whatever anxiety you may be experiencing.

At Contemporary Dentistry & Implantology, we employ the very latest in dental technology, including digital X-rays and imaging, soft-tissue lasers, and computerized sterilization. We don’t embrace technology just because it’s cool and cutting edge; we embrace it because it offers superior results with a less-invasive patient experience than older techniques. Digital X-rays are more detailed with less radiation. Lasers perform procedures that previously required scalpels. Dentistry overall is just much more comfortable than it used to be.

Still not sold? We are one of the few area practices that offer full IV sedation. This enables you to sleep through your procedures, and you will recall very little. Because the medication will make you drowsy, you will need another person to bring you to the appointment and drive you home afterward. But you will sleep soundly through the whole appointment, and won’t feel a thing. Our experienced anesthesia team will monitor you closely to ensure everything is going smoothly.

To book an appointment at Contemporary Dentistry & Implantology of Peabody, MA, give us a call at 978-705-6051. We also offer a handy online contact form.

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